Unica welcomes you!
We are pleased to introduce ourselves speaking your language, because nothing is better than a clear and direct contact.

Who is Unica, and what does Unica do?

Unica is one of the most important Housing Cooperative in the Center of Italy. We deal with housing issues, providing answers that stand out for their professionalism and convenience, without neglecting the care of social and personal relations.
We offer competitive prices and high quality realizations, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and energy saving. Every action is characterized by complete transparency in the conduct and the agreements.
Unica' s members have a wide range of opportunities (by localization, type, financial solution, etc.) to choose the home that best suits their needs and, moreover, can take advantage of many services and additional benefits.
They are constantly updated on each project and protected by guarantees.

Why do we meet?

Because we are ready to listen, to answer your questions in order to find out housing solutions that are suitable to your personal needs.
The willingness to consider any housing problem is part of our nature. We believe that dialogue is the starting point to mutual understanding.
We are at your disposal for any request for information, question or clarification. Contact us and discover an important reference point for your housing needs, helpful to the research of appropriate solutions.

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